What is an RDA?

An “RDA” is a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. The basic components of an RDA are the “deck”, or platform, posts, cap and “drip tip” or “chuff cap”.  The posts are anchored to the deck allowing the coils to be inserted, and provides the electrical connections to the battery (mod) that heats the coils. The “deck” is covered with the cap (outer housing) that typically slides on with O-rings. The most common style of RDA’s will have a removable “drip tip” or “chuff cap” allowing the user to have easier access to the coils and/or wicking material.  RDAs have no “tank” section to hold e-liquid, and are designed for e-liquid to be dripped from a bottle directly onto the coils and/or wicks.  Most RDA’s are designed where you only have to remove the drip tip or chuff cap, as opposed to removing the entire cap after “dripping”.  Some are made with the deck having a small “well” under the coils that holds a minimal amount of e-liquid, usually less than 1ml, but allowing there to be less frequent “dripping”.


A commonly held opinion in the vaping community is that RDA’s produce a cleaner and more intense flavor than any other method of vaping. Thus for some, RDA’s are the top choice and present the standard for which all other types of atomizers are measured.  RDA’s can produce astonishing amounts of vapor, especially when outfitted with coil builds with ultra-low resistance (0.05-0.2 Ohms) and vaped at a sufficient rate of power (100+ watts).  Most avid RDA users will typically chose to build their own coils, however there are also many companies that produce high quality pre-built coils ready for use.  Wicking materials used for RDA’s vary from organic cotton, synthetic blended materials, to even quartz crystals.